Project Headlands

Making it "green"

Implemented sustainable practices

One of the main goals for the improvements to the Marin Headlands is enhancing the environmental quality of the park.  The rehabilitation of the road and trail system will incorporate numerous “green” elements.  These highlights include:

  • Reuse of excavated material
  • Recycling existing asphalt for use as road base
  • Use of on-site materials to reduce number of trucks importing material
  • Use of vegetated swales and ditches to filter runoff and break down pollutants
  • Creating natural surface pedestrian areas
  • Use of low VOC (volitile organic compounds) road paints
  • Reuse of existing guardrail
  • Wetland mitigation

Additional environmental commitments include:

  • No excavation activities will be permitted between October 15 and July 1 in vicinity of Rodeo Lagoon (breeding season for red-legged frogs/migration season for Central Coast California Steelhead) 
  • Vehicles must observe maximum speed limit of 40 km/hr (25 mph) on Conzelman, McCullough, and East Roads during flight period of the Mission Blue Butterfly (Feb 15 - July 4)
  • Clearing will occur from August 1 to February 28 to avoid the bird nesting season
  • A geologist will be onsite for the rock excavation at Battery Spencer
  • New culverts will include rundowns and dissipators to prevent erosion
  • Fencing will be installed at re-vegetation areas while vegetation is being established